Love That Bulldog



AKC English Bulldogs: Puppies & Stud Service, Champion Line & Quality wrinkles and rolls 


                             Stud Service Contract

                               Love That Bulldog

             Owner of Stud Dog :   Gayle and Danny Thompson

             Name of Stud Dog :   

            AKC Registration number of stud dog : 

            Kennel Name :  Love That Bulldog/

           Address : 1628 Slash Pine rd. Lakeland, Florida 33809

           Phone number:  863-815-7269 or 863-529-7566 ---

Owner of Female____________________________________________________________________

Name of Female_____________________________________________________________________

AKC Registration number ________________________________________________________

Address and phone number_________________________________________________________


I, Gayle Thompson hereby enter into the following contract on this date._____________________For mating of             ___________________    and Female_______________________________________________________

      a )    STUD FEE is to be $__________   payable at the time of breeding.­­­­­­­­­­­________


      b)    STUD FEE is payable in pick puppy as follows: Stud owner will make choice from litter no later than when pups are four weeks of age. ________

A guarantee of actual mating is made if female does not get pregnant or does not have 2 live pups. One return service will be given to same female without charge. This must be done at the next heat cycle and progesterone testing must be done prior to breeding. No refunds of cash given.




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